Starting September 6th, Friday morning from 9am-11am we will be having Women’s Bible Study. Join us to study this wonderful book titled, Treasures from the Parables from Joy of Living Bible Studies. It is a 10-week study. It covers selected parables of Jesus that deal with subjects such as lost things, what to do while waiting for the Lord’s return, God’s invitation, and the temporary vs. the eternal… The parables are very exciting and challenging portions of Scripture. Like a mystery novel, there is always something veiled, something hidden within them; thus they are enticing and challenging. Need child care? if so, please email or call Maria letting her know you child age(s).

Please sign up for the study and purchase your book through this website: or by calling 1-800-999-2703 before we start.

Please contact Maria Lackey with any questions at 719-229-8290.