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心泉浸信會 華人福音團契 | Chinese Fellowship

Reaching out to the Chinese community and lifting up the name of Jesus.
Providing biblical teaching, fellowship, and discipleship training for life-changing experiences.
Supporting international missions through prayers and financial support.

主日崇拜 | Sunday Service

We meet every Sunday morning at 10:30am in the Grand Junction room of Heart of the Springs Church. We worship our God through prayers, praises, and singing Chinese hymns. We take turns to share how the Holy Spirit teaches us through the readings of Psalms, Proverbs, and Ecclesiastes. We study the Bible starting from the Old Testament to the New Testament. We learn how to apply the messages into our life of following Jesus.

We provide Chinese food for lunch before we end the service—Yummy!

兒童青少年聚會 | Kid’s Service

A special program that includes songs, bible stories, and activities is provided in English for children/youth by our faithful missionary Co (she served in China for 7 years before she moved back to the Springs in 2009).

The program also starts at 10:30am in the Fairplay room. We believe that it is God’s calling for us to serve the second generation of Chinese families.

門徒訓練課程 | Discipleship Training Program

Basic discipleship training sessions are provided twice a month after the Sunday service. The program includes how to pray, how to praise, how to become His witness, how to give, how to read the Bible, how to serve and to be served, etc.

英文基礎班 | English Lessons

We provide lessons to help the new Chinese immigrants learn English and assist them to merge into American society (to pass the driving test & citizenship test, to shop, to make appointments, to communicate with school, etc.).

關懷 | Visitation and Caring

We visit those who have needs (spiritually, financially, or physically) on a regular basis. We take care of widows, help those who are sick, and assist those who need interpretations. We provide the Bible study in a restaurant or the person’s house if they can’t come to the church.