MOSAIC STUDENTS| Broken yet Beautiful


A gathering of students grades 6-12th who recognize that we are fragmented people brought together to form a beautiful work of art, shaped continuously by Jesus the Master Artist.

We gather together Wednesday nights from 6-8pm in the Divide Room downstairs.

Together we will have worship, a message, and do something fun! If ya don’t go, ya don’t know~ BE THERE.

We believe that community is important and that spiritual growth is fueled by relationships. In order to ignite growth we offer several weekly and bi-weekly Student IMPACT Groups:

Guys Group– Meets Bi-weekly Friday evenings 6:30-9pm @HOTS. What Happens at guys group stays at Guys Group. This group is open to guys ages 6-12th grade that desire to grow in faith, friendship and at there nerf skills!

Middle and High School boys D-Group– Meets weekly in Central Colorado Springs. Growing into a Godly man in a world full of distractions is difficult, yet is attainable. A group too grow together, share your struggles together and fellowship is a great start to uncovering that God’s Word has all the tools we need.

High school girls D-Group– Meets weekly in East Colorado Springs 6:30-8:30pm Aug-May. Every High school girl needs a place to talk, a place to share their joys, frustrations and dreams while growing deeper in faith. This is it!

Middle School girls D-Group- Meets weekly in Central Colorado Springs 6:30-8pm Aug-May. Middle school, a place full of awkward encounters and searching for identity. This group is full of giggles and a bit of craziness but works to show them they are chosen and made perfect in His image.

For more information on groups or to register click here!

Monthly Activities 

Life lived together is better, therefore each month we gather not only at youth, but in our IMPACT groups having some fun! Check out our church calendar often for all of our events.

For more information contact: Jill Eich