Mosaic Students: Broken Yet Beautiful

Grades 6-12th join us Wednesdays from 6:30-8pm (doors open at 6pm) for worship, a message, and of course something fun! If ya don’t go, ya don’t know~ BE THERE.

We believe that community is important, and that spiritual growth is fueled by relationships. To ignite growth, we offer several weekly and bi-weekly Student IMPACT Groups.

MS & HS Student Impact: Join us Sunday morning at 9:02am in the Divide Room for some more discipleship opportunities for Middle School and High School students.

Guy's Group: Meets Bi-weekly Friday evenings 6:30-9pm @HOTS. What Happens at guys group stays at Guys Group. This group is open to guys ages 6-12th grade that desire to grow in faith, friendship and at there nerf skills!

High school girls: Meets weekly in East Colorado Springs 6:30-8:30pm Aug-May. Every High school girl needs a place to talk, a place to share their joys, frustrations and dreams while growing deeper in faith. This is it!

Middle School girls: Meets weekly in Central Colorado Springs 6:30-8 pm Aug-May. Middle school, a place full of awkward encounters and searching for identity. This group is full of giggles and a bit of craziness but works to show them they are chosen and made perfect in His image.